Backstage details on WWE meeting ahead of Money in the Bank, Stephanie McMahon reportedly well-received by talent

Stephanie McMahon continues to gain a lot of support backstage in her new position of power in WWE.

After Vince McMahon stepped back as WWE CEO and Chairman due to an ongoing investigation by the company's Board of Directors, Stephanie McMahon returned from her leave of absence to assume the role that was previously held by her father.

Yesterday, WrestleVotes reported that prior to the Money in the Bank premium live event, Stephanie McMahon led a talent meeting backstage with the WWE roster. We now have more information regarding that meeting.

According to Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp (via Fightful Select), in addition to Stephanie, both Triple H and Nick Khan were part of the meeting, and those who have spoken to SRS have said the meeting was "positively received."

While all three are reportedly well-liked backstage, Stephanie is "outright adored" based on those Sapp spoke to.

While Sapp went on to say that not all talent was in attendance for the meeting due to some not being brought in for the premium live event, one "longtime" WWE talent told SRS that it was "simply a staff meeting saying much of what talent already knew."

Stephanie thanked everyone at the close of the meeting and once again took the time to remind everyone that her door is always open.

Sapp was unable to confirm if Vince McMahon had any involvement in the meeting.

While it's not certain how much longer Stephanie will be in charge of things at WWE, it's clear that people backstage appear to be a lot happier with her in charge over her father.

If the findings of the WWE Board aren't favorable to Vince McMahon, it is very possible that Steph could be in this role long-term. We'll find out soon enough.

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