CVS 4th of July hours: Is CVS open July 4th? [Updated July 2022]

CVS/pharma cy at 2540 E. Washington St. East Peoria, is closing May 20, leaving the city with two CVS locations.Cvs 3

CVS/pharma cy at 2540 E. Washington St. East Peoria, is closing May 20, leaving the city with two CVS locations. Cvs 3

Is CVS open on July 4?

CVS was founded nearly 60 years ago in Massachusetts and they have blossomed into one of the biggest corporations in the United States of America. As of 2020, they had nearly 10,000 locations and their parent company (CVS Health) is the fifth-largest U.S. based company that is among the Fortune 500.

However, as a result of the pandemic, some locations have had to close or are scheduled to close due to declining sales but they still are a huge chain for Americans who are looking for a store that has convenience items, health items, prescriptions, and even groceries.

On July 4, there are some stores throughout the United States of America that decide to close to allow their employees to celebrate the Independence of the country (its 246th year in 2022) and to spend some time with their friends and family.

However, there are some businesses that decide to remain open for their customers and their convenience. After all, there are some things that you need that don’t take a holiday.

Is CVS one of the stores that remain open or are they closed for July 4?

CVS hours: Is CVS open or closed on Fourth of July 2022?

For July 4, most, if not all, CVS locations will be open. They should have their regular store hours, including their 24-hour locations, but some individual locations may decide to close, change their hours, or have the store open but their pharmacy with reduced hours or closed altogether, largely due to staffing concerns.

To check to see if your location is open, closed, or has reduced hours, you can their website here to see their hours or you can call your store as well.

But you are almost certainly good to go if you need to pick up something at CVS on this July 4, regardless of what you need.