“This is what I’m afraid is going to happen in the playoffs” “F****ng losers”

The New York Yankees and their fans have become used to winning in 2022, so this shutout loss to the Cleveland Guardians was upsetting. While the top team in the MLB still won the series, losing the final game has left a sour taste in their mouths. Being shut out was just salt in the wound in what was a bad loss.

This is one of the drawbacks to being such a successful team. Every loss feels much worse since they come so rarely. The final score was 2-0 in favor of the Cleveland Guardians, meaning the New York Yankees could never get their offense going.

This has some worried for the team in the long-term, but it is exceedingly unlikely that a collapse would happen in the postseason. In addition, Aaron Judge was not active for this game, which could have made a huge difference.

Being shut out by a team from Cleveland is a bad sign in any sport, and is not the way the Yankees wanted to end the weekend. As long as this is just one bump in the road it will not derail their season. That won’t stop their fans’ fears from running amock.

Cleveland Guardians avoid series sweep and shutout the New York Yankees

The Yankees offense was not what it needed to be. The Yankees offense was not what it needed to be.

When you are the best team in baseball, every game gets put under a microscope. After being no-hit earlier this month by the Houston Astros and only getting one hit in this game, a worrying trend might be developing.

@Yankees No hit and 1 hit within the same month?1998 Yankees never did this…

This was not the best effort put forth by the New York Yankees and they would be the first to admit it. With multiple stars out of the lineup, they made this game an uphill battle for themselves.

@Yankees Had zero intentions in winning that game lol. Gallo, Hicks, Donaldson still getting at-bats is a brutal watch. Fix it soon. Thanks.

Many fans were disappointed because they know how good this team can be when playing at their best.

Being shut out is embarrassing for this team. IDC if the starters got a rest day, pitching shouldn’t get an L after allowing only 2 runs. twitter.com/Yankees/status…

This is not a wholly surprising outcome, given the number of starters being rested. With their upcoming series against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the New York Yankees should be able to get themselves back on track.

@Yankees Rested our best hitters today. Frustrating but expected outcome go next

The shock comes from being shut out, since they have been a dominant offensive team all season long. Thankfully for them, this is the exception not the norm.

This bad loss comes at the same time as the Houston Astros are heating up, giving them a chance to claim top team in the American League.

@Yankees Most overrated team in baseball by far. Enjoy Houston in the playoffs

Being shut out is always tough to swallow, especially at the end of the series. While the New York Yankees lost this game, they will have the chance to redeem themselves very soon.

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