Wedding Costs People Tend to Forget

Pexels – CCO Licence

Getting married is often an expensive business, so it is not unusual for people to save for years to have the big day of their dreams.

If you are someone who is currently saving for a wedding, make sure that you factor in thede costs that many people tend to forget about completely, so that there are no big surprises when you start to plan your nuptials.

Pre-wedding events

Most couples focus on the big day itself when they are saving for a wedding but there are lots of events pre-wedding, from engagement and bachelor parties to bridal showers that should really be factored into your budget too.

The marriage license

It’s insane, but so many couples forget that they need to purchase a marriage license before they can tie the knot! Luckily, it is not a major expense, typically costing between 20 and 100 dollars, so it is not the biggest deal if you do forget, but it’s always better to factor it in if you can.


This only applies if you are marrying someone from out of the county, but if you are, you may need to factor in around $600 for a K1 Visa , and potentially a few hundred dollars more for legal assistance should you need to consult an attorney.

Beauty treatments

Beauty treatments are something most people do after in, but what many people underestimate. Most brides want to try out a few looks before they decide on one, so they may have to pay for various trials and this can swoon see the costs add up. So, try to save at least 25 percent more than you think you will need.


Most brides factor in the costs of the dress , but they do not take into account any alterations that will be needed. Most brides cannot simply wear a dress off the rack and have it fit them perfectly, so alterations are often necessary, and they can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the dress and what is needed to make it fit.

Food and drinks

Sure, you’ve planned to cover the costs of food and drinks at the wedding reception, but what about breakfast for you and your bridesmaids before the big ay or snacks for guests between the ceremony and the reception? If you haven’t factored these in, then you really should because when people are hungry at a wedding, it often does not go well.

Oh, and you will absolutely need to factor in vendor meals too because feeding people like your wedding photographer can help things to go along more smoothly and is just the polite thing to do.


If you are inviting a lot of guests who do not live close by, and you want them to be there, then covering the cost of transport to and from the wedding might be necessary, so factor that in too.

Factor these costs into your wedding budget if they are applicable, and there will be no nasty shocks for you in the future.